Sale Ending & Phase III, High School !

Like many other kids, our boys went back to school this week with relatively few glitches. Nothing like some kids in Virginia, who had a real reality check Tuesday, when the 5.8 earthquake hit the Northeast! Our biggest problems weren't bricks falling on our heads; only felt like that a bit when we heard Ethan won't have his braille copies of textbooks until three weeks after classes start, and his Apex (Braille Note Taker) took longer in repair in Canada, hey, so he started school with only his net-book. Could be worse.

Though, not as dramatic a start as the Virginia kids, Ethan was off Monday, to his first year of high school, and so far, it's been a pretty good beginning. He's already met a new friend in Latin, and lots of kids are participating in what many blindness community folks like to refer to as, "the parting of the Red Sea," when he's coming down the hallway. He told us tonight at dinner how funny it is when he can hear people in the hall saying, "Look out, the blind kid's coming!" Of course, we've now encouraged him (I'll up the ante by putting $$$ on it) to shout, "Oh, my gosh, there's a blind guy?! Where?" Keep on laughing, right...

Speaking of laughter, could ours be heard all around the country, as we walked last night, laughing about the Christmas decorations a few people have started putting up around here in our 3-digit weather? Some people's humor - sheesh! ;-D

My sincerest best wishes to everyone for a refreshing Fall~

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  1. Love the parting of the red sea - great response! Tough re: waiting for his supplies. Hope his year goes well. You remind me that I have wanted to get another alphabet bracelet for a dear friend. My email is: